Arian Hatefi, MD, MS

Associate Clinical Professor

Dr. Hatefi is a hospital-based physician with interests in global health policy, governance, and stewardship. He was part of the team that modeled convergence for the Commission on Investing in Health's Global Health 2035 report, and has worked on the economics of malaria elimination, health system stewardship and private sector integration, hospital stewardship, and most recently, global functions and global public goods for non-communicable diseases.

Dr. Hatefi is primarily interested in resolving the tensions between national sovereignty and globalization as related to health. He has particular interests in the provision of global functions and public goods, improving health care value, priority setting and resource allocation, health in all policies, health diplomacy and security, and communicating the returns on investing in health.

In addition, Dr. Hatefi is interested in medical education, particularly in professionalism and delivering compassionate care.
Residency, 2014 - Department of Medicine, University of California San Francisco
Internship, 2012 - Department of Medicine, University of California San Francisco
Doctor of Medicine, 2011 - School of Medicine, Emory University
Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics, and Policy, 2010 - SDA Bocconi, Bocconi University
Bachelor of Science, 2005 - Biology, Emory University
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