Clinician-Investigator Fellowship

Hospitalists who plan to pursue a career in research should apply to the 2-year UCSF Division of General Internal Medicine Primary Care Research Fellowship.

Clinician-Investigator Fellows attend weekly 'works-in-progress meetings' with other general internal medicine fellows and faculty, and meet with Andrew Auerbach biweekly to monthly (and other mentors as appropriate), and participate in the 2 month Introduction to Clinical Research (“TICR”) and year-long Advanced Training in Clinical Research courses. Clinician-Investigator Fellows receive research and career-focused mentorship from Hospitalist Group Faculty as well as research and methodologic mentorship from the DGIM fellowship faculty. A number of UCSF Hospitalist faculty are also faculty for the DGIM fellowship (Robert Wachter, Sumant Ranji, Steve Pantilat, Margaret Fang, and Andrew Auerbach).

Clinical time is arranged to allow fellows to attend research courses, seminars, and other relevant activities. At the end of the fellowship, physicians are expected to have produced a publishable paper, to have presented at a national meeting, and to have the skills and experiences that will make them competitive candidates for a research-oriented hospitalist faculty position.