Sasha Morduchowicz

Program Manager, Quality and Safety
office: 415-476-4853
fax: 415-514-2094
email: sasha.morduchowicz@ucsf.edu

Sasha Morduchowicz serves as the Program Manager of Quality and Safety for the UCSF Division of Hospital Medicine. She was previously a Program Associate at the California Health Care Safety Net Institute (SNI). Through statewide improvement programs, she made significant accomplishments in supporting California's public hospitals and health systems achieve measureable results in clinical quality, patient experience, and operational improvements. As an IHI trained Improvement Advisor, she brings expertise in quality improvement science, data analysis, and practice coaching. She received her BA in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley, and currently resides in San Francisco.

Sasha manages a large portfolio of divisional quality improvement initiatives with a particular focus on efforts around improving patient experience and transitions of care. As an Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) trained Improvement Advisor, her role is to provide improvement science expertise, mentorship, and project management support across DHM’s QI initiatives. She partners with faculty on all aspects of projects from identifying quality gaps and initiating projects, to testing and implementing changes, to disseminating results. She serves as the Project Manager for the Quality Improvement, Patient Experience, and Multidisciplinary Communication and Transitions DHM Committees. Beyond providing QI mentorship and project management support, her role involves:

  • Providing leadership in defining a clear QI mission for the Division
  • Researching applicable regulations, obtaining accurate interpretation of the standards, and teaching regulations to faculty, staff, and QI leadership team
  • Interfacing with Medical Center leadership, DHM leadership, residency leadership, and faculty to synergize efforts and ensure alignment
  • Researching national policies and QI literature to bring innovative ideas to QI Director and QI Committee


  • Scoping Improvement Efforts: Developing Project Charters and AIM Statements using techniques that appropriately and efficiently scope projects and link them to the divisional, residency, and medical center priorities
  • Developing Powerful Ideas for Change: Developing changes within the 4 pillars of QI: 1) messaging/education, 2) data audit & feedback, 3) systems changes, and 4) culture change
  • Testing and Implementing Changes: Determining the appropriate scale for a test of change and effectively planning tests of change
  • Using Data for Improvement: Using both qualitative and quantitative data (e.g. Statistical Process Control (SPC) for analyzing data, run charts, Pareto diagrams, frequency plots)

Project Examples:

Discharge by Noon: Sasha has served as the Project Manager for this initiative within DHM. Partnering with the physician champion, she co-developed the Project Charter, designed and carried out several rapid cycle tests of change, and helped launch a creative messaging / education campaign. She also helped form a multidisciplinary improvement team that met frequently around specific tests of change (e.g. Tee time and MDR). She also helped edit QI abstracts and presentations for publication. Depending on the level of need of the physician champion, her role has ranged from project leader when that has been needed to drive the effort forward, to a more supportive ad hoc QI coaching and mentorship role.