Priya Prasad, PhD, MPH

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Priya A. Prasad, PhD, is a researcher in the Division of Hospital Medicine whose work focuses on improving the quality of patient care. Her interest lies in leveraging the electronic medical record to provide efficient feedback and evaluation of quality improvement interventions. Prior to joining DHM and during her PhD studies, Priya was the primary analyst and statistician on a Center for Health Quality and Innovation grant (PI: Nathaniel Gleason), coordinating and analyzing comprehensive clinical and administrative data for all ambulatory care patients at the five UC Health campuses over a 5 year study period. She has been an invited lecturer at the Population Health Division of the San Francisco Department of Public Health and the San Francisco Orthopaedic Residency Program and has served as a UCSF Medical School small group leader in the Evidence Based Medicine curriculum. Before beginning her studies at UCSF, Priya served as a Clinical Epidemiology Research Associate at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where her interests were in antibiotic stewardship, infection control, and hospital-acquired infections in pediatrics.

Awards and Honors

2017   Top Peer Reviewer, Journal of Hospital Medicine, 2017
2016   Top Peer Reviewer, Journal of Hospital Medicine, 2016
2016   Mount Zion Campus-based Educational Travel Awards, Mount Zion Health Fund, 2016
2015   Graduate Student Travel Award, UCSF Graduate Division, 2015
2014   Quality & Safety Innovation Challenge, UCSF, 2014
2013   Pediatric Oncology Student Training Program Fellowship, Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, 2013

Recent Articles (43)

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