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Alvin Rajkomar
Clinical Fellow

Alvin Rajkomar

Do you have an unusual talent or skill?

I am fairly decent mid-level squash player. My roommate in college and I decided that we needed to have an East Coast habit and we thought squash would be the thing we do, so we trained by making it up as we went along. As an intern I played Sharad Jain who beat me so easily it was embarrassing. He is an amazing squash player, calm and collected at the end of a game, and not even out of breath.

Who is important in your life?

My brother. He and I are around the same age but he is in law and has a different perspective on interests we share life, medicine, and technology. I turn to him whenever I have difficult decisions to make both professionally and personally.

What is in your fridge right now that you would love to share?

I am a terrible cook and I haven’t cooked at all lately. But I do like low-key, casual places with fresh, healthy food, where you can hang out with friends or family.

What movie or book did you recently see that you enjoyed?

I just read Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, David and Goliath. It is about ways to use perceived weaknesses as advantages, and it was incredibly intriguing and fun to read.

What type of movie would describe your life and which actor could play you?

It would be a snoozer! I think my life is exciting and I’d like to say it would be a comedy but maybe more a thriller. Brad Pitt could play me but they’d have to make him a little more handsome, and that would be a big challenge.

On what do you spend too much time or money?

I’m a huge nerd and love reading about medicine and old cases. I like the historical flavor and insights that we don’t necessarily think about in the same way today.

Thank you for a delightful conversation, Alvin!

- by Oralia Schatzman

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