Faculty Development

DHM Faculty Development Lunch Seminar Series Schedule - Archives
4th Mondays | 12:00-1:00pm | C430

Dates Organizer/Speaker Topic
July 28, 2008 Niraj Sehgal CV Management
August 25, 2008

Wendy Anderson, Steve Pantilat Denah Joseph, Chaplain

What to Do When a Patient on Your Service Dies
September 22, 2008 Karen Hauer

SOM, Academy of MEds, Educator's Portfolio

October 27, 2008 Cindy Lai and Sumant Ranji Medical Student Clerkship: Evaluation and Feedback
November 24, 2008 Brad Sharpe Being an Effective Ward Attending
December 15, 2008 Bob Wachter Doing Medical-legal Consultative Work and Being an Expert Witness
January 26, 2009 Margaret Fang

Getting Involved in Professional Societies

February 23, 2009 Steve Pantilat

Am I a Clin-ED or a Clin-X, What's the Difference and Does it Matter?

March 23, 2009 Adrienne Green

Getting Involved in Hospital Committee Work

May 4, 2009
(1st Monday)
Rene Salazar and
Arpana Vidyarthi

Caring for Sick Family Members and Navigating the Healthcare System as a Physician

May 18, 2009
(3rd Monday)
Joe Hager (Fidelity) and
Niraj Sehgal

Retirement Planning 101 - 403s, 457s, and Life After UCSF

June 22, 2009 Andy Auerbach

Time Management and Creating Scholarly Work

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