Faculty Development

DHM Faculty Development Boot Camp 15-16

September 8, 2015 | U107

Theme Topic Objectives

Welcome: Introduction to the Faculty Development Program

Bob Wachter, Stephanie Rennke, and Steve Ludwin

  • Welcome from the Chief
  • Introduction to BOOT Camp: Review Purpose and Goals
  • Introduction to Faculty Development
  • Review Organizational Charts
  • Introduce Mentoring Pods
  • Ice-Breaker
Professional Defining Success: Expectations and Personal Growth

Brad Sharpe
  • Introduction to Academic Medicine
  • Expectations for the first 6-12 Months/Onboarding
  • Finding a Niche
Professional Panel Discussion and Lunch with DHM Faculty

Diane Sliwka, Phuoc Le, Chris Moriates, Kirsten Kangelaris, and Margaret Fang
  • Definition of Success
  • Resources Available for Help
  • Tips for Career Development
Professional Introduction to Mentoring

Louise Water
  • How to be a Good Mentee
  • How to be a Good Mentor
  • Resources Available for Help
Clinical Optimizing the “C” in Clinician-Educator

Gupreet Dhaliwal
  • Understand How Patient Outcomes Tracking can Improve Clinical Skills and Teaching
  • Understand How to Approach Case-Based Reading like a Simulator
Education Introduction to Residency Education

Harry Hollander, Jen Babik, Sumant Ranji, Kevin Duan, and Leslie Sheu
  • Updates in GME
  • Resident Incentive Program
  • Current Opportunities in GME
  • Q and A Session
Education/Clinical Panel Discussion - What We Wished We Knew Before We Started Clinical Work at UCSF?

Andy Lai, Adeena Khan, Sirisha Narayana, Alvin Rajkomar, and Lynnea Mills
  • Describe Methods to Improve Efficiency and Organization
  • Discuss Balancing Resident Autonomy with Supervision
  • Share Practical Tips
  • Feedback and Evaluation

September 9, 2015 | U107

Theme Topic Objectives
QI/Research Introduction to Project Management/Change Management

Michelle Mourad and Sasha Morduchowicz
  • Identify Features of a Good QI Project
  • Understand/Obtain Data on the Quality Gap You Want to Fix
  • Design and Implement Reliable and Sustained Improvements
  • Evaluate the Success of Quality Improvement Interventions
Professional What Goes in My Note and Why?

Brad Sharpe
  • Introduction to Billing
  • Review Different Attending Templates
  • Note Documentation: H and P, Progress Notes, and Discharge
Clinical Promoting Clinical Efficiency: Using the Wiki and CareWeb

Nader Najafi and Raman Khanna
  • Practical Tips for Wiki
  • Efficient Communication
  • APEX Tips/Tricks
  • Effective Paging
Education/Clinical Peer Observation

Brad Monash
  • Program Overview
  • Review Opportunities
  • Improve Efficiency, Teaching, and Clinical Skills
Professional SMART Goals and Visions Setting

Steve Ludwin and Stephanie Rennke
  • Review SMART Goals
  • Written – Individual and Community Goals
Professional Meet the Professor

Andy Auerbach and Niraj Sehgal
  • Discuss Career Development
  • Review Career Pathways

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